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About Gameday

Meet our Team

With years of experience as athletes, coaches, and entrepreneurs, our co-founders came together to establish themselves as pillars of the industry. They hope to inspire you to leave your comfort zones and join a community that uplifts one another to reach greater heights.

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Co-Founder & Coach

Tim Thebodeau

Experienced content creator and competitive athlete in Powerlifting.

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Head In-Person Coach

Nico Flores

With his background in exercise science, Nico will lead our in-person coaching.


Registered Dietitian & CPT

Malisa Nguyen

Experienced Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer with a focus in sports performance nutrition


Virtual Coach

Austin Perkins

World-class powerlifter with experience working in Special Education.

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Co-Founder & Coach

Joe Stanek

Content creator with years of experience coaching high-level athletes.


General Manager & Personal Trainer

Andrew Tran

With his background in mechanics (CSCS | CEP), Andrew will work with in-person athletes ranging from general fitness to specialized athletes.

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Virtual Coach

Matt Holden

Experienced Powerlifting coach with a diverse background in Exercise Science, Nutrition, and Strength & Conditioning.


Virtual Coach

Charleston Stephens

Competitive Powerlifter with a specialty in Strongman & Powerlifting coaching.

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